About Me


Welcome to my personal website. I am a self-employed digital project manager (consultant) and WeChat marketing specialist in Toronto. If you have never come across it before, I will be glad to share more information about WeChat with you. WeChat is the most popular social media platform in Chinese communities, and it has unlimited opportunities to grow and value your business.

FullSizeRenderI worked as a self-employed digital project consultant in GTA area for last four  years. With comprehensive technology background,  I provide the web, mobile, software development, SEO/SEM and social media marketing services for multiple clients, assisted several small businesses in finding the solution to build their website and mobile APPs, and convert traffic to real business leads. My understanding of the digital projects is that the target audience is the key and traffic will only be valuable when it brings business leads to the company.

If you need my help for Digital Project, please Email me: info@mariowang.com